International Rural Links

Below we have listed some useful international networks relevant to the European rural movements (the list is not complete)

ARC - Agricultural and Rural Convention -
Agricultural and Rural Convention (ARC) is a process that is designed to give civil society a strong voice and to prepare a strong common message about the new agricultural and rural policy in the EU.

ECOVAST - the European Council for the village and small town -
European network consisting of organizations as well as individuals. Focuses on cultural landscapes and architecture.

ELARD - the European LEADER Association for Rural Development -
Formed by a number of national LEADER network in 1999. The purpose of ELARD is to support rural development with the LEADER method and facilitate networking and cooperation through transnational projects. ELARD also supports the newly established rural networks in the new EU member countries.

Euracademy Association -

Euracademy association offers mid-career training for rural development professionals throughout Europe.

Forum Synergies -
Forum Synergies is a network of active citizens and organizations that collect experiences in sustainable development in practice, in mainly in rural areas. They highlight good ways to conserve resources and energy in our local communities, by combining the intelligent use of modern technology with traditional knowledge.

Nordic Network – Hela Norden ska Leva (HNSL)

The Nordic movements are networked through HNSL, enabling information sharing, joint project planning and mutual support within the Nordic countries.

PREPARE - Partnership for Rural Europe -
The PREPARE partnership is an informal network, working to strengthen civil society and to promote multi-national exchange in rural development, with a particular focus on the EU candidate countries. The emphasis is now on the Balkan and SEE countries. The partnership has been active in facilitating the development of many of the more recent rural movements in Eastern Europe.  In 2003, the partners established the PREPARE Network, as a forum for exchange between people throughout Europe who are involved in rural development.

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